Here at SELECTED we adore getting to know our models. We are so proud to have a diverse range of women that are truly as beautiful inside as they are in the imagery that we produce. For our inaugural piece in the MEET THE MODELS series it is our great pleasure to introduce Patricia Sheeran from KULT. You will recognise her from edit, YOUR UNDERGARMENTS SORTED.

Age: 18

Star sign: Aries 

Nationality: Indian 

Favourite place to visit + why:

I love traveling and exploring different places but if I had to choose one particular place it would probably be a small state in south India called Kerala. Kerala also called "God's Own Country", it's where the Arabian sea meets a network of glistening backwaters which is layered by spice and tea covered hills of the Western Ghats. Besides it's amazing scenery it's home to taste bud tingling cuisines, temple festivals and snake-boat races especially in my mum's hometown. It's the combination of culture, scenery and lifestyle that make Kerala my favourite place to visit.

Song you have on repeat:

Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

What made you start modelling ?

A daring email, a huge passion for fashion and a childhood dream made me start modelling.

When do you feel most confident ?

I feel most confident when I can overcome the odds through achieving a goal I have set for myself and have spent time and effort to accomplish it. For me being confident is about being happy and believing in myself.

If you weren’t modelling what would you do?

If I weren't a model I would be sitting at my home either binge watching Netflix or experimenting in my kitchen.

Fun fact about yourself

I am a big foodie who loves to eat and try new foods around the world especially when they are home cooked meals.

 Imagery shot by Emily Abay for SELECTED.